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Pope Clement X: Quiz


Question 1: It was especially between Spain and ________ that the pope desired to witness a renewal of feelings of good understanding.
United KingdomCanadaFranceItaly

Question 2: At the same time it could not be forgotten that he gave strong financial aid to King ________ of Poland in their fight against the Turkish invaders.
Władysław IV VasaAugustus II the StrongJohn II Casimir VasaJohn III Sobieski

Question 3: On his return to Rome, he was named Bishop of Camerino, then governor of Loreto and of all ________.

Question 4: Saint Rose of Lima, of the third order of Saint Dominic, born at ________, Peru in 1586.
CallaoBuenos AiresLimaMexico City

Question 5: Clement X appointed Francesco Lorenzo Brancati di Lauria head of the ________.
Vatican Secret ArchivesSt. Peter's BasilicaCatholic ChurchVatican Library

Question 6: The first bishop was Monsignor ________.
François de LavalCanonizationBeatificationPope John Paul II

Question 7: On 13 January, 1672, Clement X regulated the formalities to be observed in removing the ________ of saints from sacred cemeteries.
JesusOrthodox ChurchRelicSaint Peter

Question 8: ________ (1655–67) confided to him a mission to Poland.
Pope Alexander VIIPope Clement IXPope Innocent XPope John Paul II

Question 9: Pope Innocent X (1644–55) sent him as nuncio to ________, where he remained for eight years.

Question 10: The Altieri family belonged to the ancient Roman nobility and had enjoyed the highest consideration at Rome for several centuries; they had occasionally contracted alliances with the Colonnas and the ________.
Pope Leo XOrsini familyBraccianoPope Alexander VI


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