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Pope Clement VI: Quiz


Question 1: During his pontificate, he added a new chapel to the Papal Palace and dedicated it to ________.
Christianity in the 1st centuryCatholic ChurchJohn the ApostleSaint Peter

Question 2: He also purchased the sovereignty of ________ from Queen Joan I of Naples, for 80,000 crowns.

Question 3: Clement VI reigned during the ________.
Black Death migrationBlack DeathPlague (disease)Pandemic

Question 4: Popular opinion blamed the Jews for the plague, and ________ erupted throughout Europe.

Question 5: Baudil, abbot of Fécamp, bishop of Arras, chancellor of France, ________ and archbishop of Rouen.
Roman Catholic Diocese of OrléansRoman Catholic Archdiocese of SensCatholic ChurchRoman Catholic Diocese of Troyes

Question 6: Among the other benefits, Clement took advantage of the situation to obtain by her the rights over the city of ________.

Question 7: He entered the Benedictine order as a boy, studied at the ________ in Paris, and became successively prior of St.
Cardinal RichelieuGallicanismCollège de NavarreCollège de Sorbonne

Question 8: Clement also excommunicated ________ and made Prague an archbishopric in 1344.
Casimir III the GreatWŇāadysŇāaw I the Elbow-highJohn III SobieskiJogaila

Question 9: Like his immediate predecessors, he was devoted to ________, and he demonstrated his French sympathies by refusing a solemn invitation to return to Rome from the city's people, as well as from the poet Petrarch.
ItalyFranceUnited KingdomCanada

Question 10: Clement proclaimed a crusade in 1343, but nothing was accomplished beyond a naval attack on ________ (29 October 29, 1344).

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