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Pope Boniface II: Quiz


Question 1: He was by birth an ________, the first Germanic pope, and he owed his appointment to the influence of the Gothic king Athalaric.
Ostrogothic KingdomOstrogothsByzantine EmpireVisigoths

Question 2: Pope Boniface II was ________ from 530 to 532.
Pope John Paul IIPopePope Benedict XVICatholic Church

Question 3: Boniface had for some time an antipope, Dioscurus, who had been elected by most of the priests of ________.

Question 4: Boniface was chosen by his predecessor, Pope Felix IV, who had been a strong adherent of the ________ king, and was never elected.
Germanic ChristianityGothic ChristianityFranksArianism

Question 5: Boniface changed the numbering of the years in the Julian Calendar from ________ to Anno Domini (GM Arts).
Calendar eraRoman calendarAb urbe conditaGregorian calendar


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