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Pope Benedict XIII: Quiz


Question 1: According to ________, "All the money of Rome go to Benevento...
Charles de Secondat, baron de MontesquieuDenis DiderotDemocracyJean-Jacques Rousseau

Question 2: In 1727 he inaugurated the famous ________ and founded the University of Camerino.
Spanish StepsRomeQuirinal HillSt. Peter's Basilica

Question 3: He was a member of the Orsini of ________, the third and last member of that family to become Pope.

Question 4: Pope Benedict XIII (2 February 1649 – 21 February 1730), born Pietro Francesco Orsini, later Vincenzo Maria Orsini, was ________ from 1724 until his death.
PopeCatholic ChurchPope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVI

Question 5: He entered the ________ and received the name Vincenzo Maria.
Dominican OrderFranciscanCatholic religious orderCarmelites

Question 6: Benedict died in 1730 and was buried in a tomb in ________ completed by Pietro Bracci and others.
ItalySanta Maria sopra MinervaRomePantheon, Rome


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