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Pope Benedict VII: Quiz


Question 1: Benedict VII (born in ________, the son of David, and previously Bishop of Sutri; died July 10 983) belonged to the noble family of the counts of Tusculum.

Question 2: He was elected by the Roman clergy and people under the influence of Sicco, imperial envoy of Emperor ________ (973–983).
Henry II, Holy Roman EmperorOtto III, Holy Roman EmperorOtto I, Holy Roman EmperorOtto II, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 3: Boniface VII was ________ and unsuccessfully attempted to retake the papacy.
ShunningBishopExcommunicationNew Testament

Question 4: Benedict VII promoted monasticism and ecclesiastical reform along with Emperor ________.
Otto I, Holy Roman EmperorOtto II, Holy Roman EmperorHenry II, Holy Roman EmperorOtto III, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 5: He governed ________ quietly for nearly nine years, a somewhat rare thing in those days.

Question 6: In March 981, he presided over a ________ in St Peter's that prohibited simony.

Question 7: He succeeded to the papacy as a compromise candidate, to replace ________ (974, 984–985).
Anastasius BibliothecariusAntipope AdalbertAntipope John XVIAntipope Boniface VII

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