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Question 1: What does the following picture show?

  Antichristus, a woodcut by Lucas Cranach of the pope using the temporal power to grant authority to a generously contributing ruler
  Antichristus, by the Lutheran Lucas Cranach the Elder. This woodcut of the traditional practice of kissing the Pope's toe is from Passionary of the Christ and Antichrist. The two fingers the Pope is holding up symbolizes his claim to be the Church's substitute for Christ's earthly presence.
  Entrance to Vatican City, with inscription "Benedictus XVI Pont(ifex) Max(imus) Anno Domini MMV Pont(ificatus) I.", i.e., "Benedict XVI, Pontifex Maximus, in the year of Our Lord 2005, the first year of his pontificate."

Question 2:
When was Pope formed?

Question 3: The "Black Pope" is a name that was popularly, but quite unofficially, given to the ________ due to the Jesuits' in reference to the importance, within the Church, of the Jesuit order.
Superior General of the Society of JesusFrancis XavierIgnatius of LoyolaSuppression of the Society of Jesus

Question 4: Rome had a large congregation early in the apostolic period whom Paul the Apostle addressed in his ________, and Paul himself was martyred there.
Biblical canonNew TestamentEpistle to the RomansBible

Question 5: Prior to the election of the Polish cardinal ________ as Pope John Paul II in 1978, the last non-Italian was Pope Adrian VI of the Netherlands, elected in 1522.
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPope Paul VIPope Pius XI

Question 6: The current regulations regarding a papal ________—that is, a sede vacante ("vacant seat")—were promulgated by John Paul II in his 1996 document Universi Dominici Gregis.
MonarchElective monarchyInterregnumCoronation

Question 7: Early popes helped to spread ________ and resolve doctrinal disputes.
BaptistChristian denominationChristianityEcumenism

Question 8: [67] In Western Christianity these objections both contributed to and are products of the ________.
Counter-ReformationProtestant ReformationCrusadesEast–West Schism

Question 9: ________ (c 540–604) administered the church with stern reform.
Catholic ChurchPope Gregory IPope John XXIIIPope John Paul II

Question 10: Pope Pius VII was present at the coronation of ________ in 1804, but did not actually perform the crowning.
Napoleonic WarsFirst French EmpireFrench DirectoryNapoleon I

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