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Question 1: The functions of Poor Law Unions were exercised by Boards of Poor Law Guardians, partly elected by ratepayers, but also including ________.
ShariaCommon lawMagistrateLawyer

Question 2: The English Poor Laws[1] were the system of poor relief which existed in England and Wales[2] from the reign of ________[1] to the emergence of the modern welfare state after the Second World War.
Henry VIII of EnglandEdward VI of EnglandJames I of EnglandElizabeth I of England

Question 3: The Unions were later used for other functions, such as ________, and were the basis of the rural sanitary districts established in 1875.
General Register OfficeUnited KingdomAustraliaCivil registry

Question 4: Until 1894, the Guardians consisted of ________ along with other members elected by rate-payers, with higher rate-payers having more votes.
Judicial Committee of the Privy CouncilMagistrates' CourtSolicitorJustice of the peace

Question 5: During this time, the administration of the ________ was the responsibility of parishes, which varied wildly in their financial resources and requirements.
Opposition to the Poor LawsEnglish Poor LawsElizabethan Poor Law (1601)Poor Law Amendment Act 1834

Question 6: In 1930, under the Local Government Act 1929, the Poor Law Unions were finally abolished, with their responsibilities transferred to the county councils and ________.
Metropolitan countyMetropolitan boroughCounty boroughCity

Question 7: In ________ the Poor Relief Act of 1838 divided into districts or "unions" in which the local taxable inhabitants were to be financially responsible for all paupers in the area.
IrelandIrish peopleWalesNorthern Ireland

Question 8: The ________ allowed parishes to form unions, which would be jointly responsible for the administration and funding of Poor Law in their area.
Poor Law Amendment Act 1834Elizabethan Poor Law (1601)Union Chargeability Act 1865Poor Relief Act 1662


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