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Question 1: The album was not a particular commercial or critical success, though it did reach #72 on the ________.
Billboard Hot 100Billboard 200Hot Adult Contemporary TracksBillboard Hot 100 50th Anniversary Charts

Question 2: The video quickly fast-forwards to 1987 where the three ________ are thawed and learn how much has changed since the late 1960s.
The MonkeesHead (film)The Monkees (TV series)Headquarters (album)

Question 3: Pool It!, issued 1987 by Rhino Records, is a pop/rock album (the tenth studio release) by ________.
Headquarters (album)The MonkeesHead (film)The Monkees (TV series)

Question 4: Inside the ice factory, Davy, Micky, and Peter are found frozen in blocks of ice and wearing their costumes from the ________ television show.
Headquarters (album)Head (film)The MonkeesThe Monkees (TV series)

Question 5: It was the first "reunion album" by the band after their 1986 rebirth, and it marked the return of Peter Tork along with ________ and Davy Jones.
The MonkeesThe Monkees (TV series)Samantha JusteMicky Dolenz

Question 6: Unlike the Heart and Soul video, Every Step attempts to distance the three ________ from their 60's persona.
The Monkees (TV series)The MonkeesHeadquarters (album)Head (film)

Question 7: ________ did not participate in this reunion.
Headquarters (album)Peter TorkMichael NesmithThe Monkees

Question 8: "(I'd Go The) Whole Wide World" (________)
Wreckless EricNick LoweMusic industryIan Dury


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