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Pontifex Maximus: Quiz


Question 1: ________ 12 BC - Augustus
March 16January 1March 6March 4

Question 2: 132 BC - Publius Licinius Crassus Dives Mucianus (killed in battle 131 BC, ________)
AnatoliaTurkeyIstanbulTurkish people

Question 3: [3] A minority opinion is that the word is a corruption of a similar-sounding but etymologically unrelated Etruscan word for ________.
LutheranismBishopPriestLiturgical book

Question 4: 132 BC Pergamum, ________)
IstanbulAnatoliaTurkeyTurkish people

Question 5: Among the most notable of those who did was ________ (63 - 44 BC).
Julius CaesarPompeyLucius Cornelius SullaRoman Republic

Question 6: After Christ himself,[29] the ________ is the "high priest" (the veritable meaning of summus pontifex and "pontifex maximus")[30] of the Catholic religion.
Pope Benedict XVIPopePope John Paul IICatholic Church

Question 7: It is not included in the Pope's official titles,[6] but appears on buildings, monuments and coins of popes of ________ and modern times.
Western art historyBaroqueItalian RenaissanceRenaissance

Question 8: The title Pontifex Maximus was briefly used, from 1902 to 1906, by the head of the ________.
Philippine Independent ChurchKatipunanObispo MaximoPulahan

Question 9: 753 BC to 712 BC - Duties and power of office (even if perhaps not the title) held by the ________
Byzantine EmpireRoman EmpireKing of RomeRoman Kingdom

Question 10: Dictator
Magister Equitum
AedileRoman lawRoman KingdomTribuni militum consulari potestate

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