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Pont Neuf: Quiz


Question 1: After his death, Giambologna's assistant Pietro Tacca completed the statue, which was erected on its pedestal by ________, in 1618.
Pietro FrancavillaLouvreFlorenceGiovanni Battista Caccini

Question 2: The last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, ________, was burned at the stake on the Île de la Cité near the Pont Neuf, on 18 March 1314.
Jacques de MolayGhazanCrusadesFranco-Mongol alliance

Question 3: It was destroyed in ________ during the French Revolution, but was rebuilt in 1818, following the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy.
1792March 4March 3May 10

Question 4: Like most bridges of its time, The Pont Neuf is constructed as a series of many short ________, following Roman precedents.
Truss bridgeCable-stayed bridgeCantilever bridgeArch bridge

Question 5: The Pont Neuf (French for "New Bridge"[3]) is the oldest[4] standing bridge across the river Seine in ________, France.
VersaillesMarseilleÉvry, EssonneParis


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