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Pons: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2: In humans and other bipeds this means it is above the medulla, below the midbrain, and ________ to the cerebellum.
AnatomyAnatomical terms of locationEarDigestion

Question 3:
What role did Pons play in the movie Le roman de Renard ?

Question 4:
What vein is associated with the Pons?
transverse and lateral pontine veins
branches of internal pudendal veins
external iliac veins
common iliac veins

Question 5: A number of ________ nuclei are present in the pons:
Head and neck anatomyTrigeminal nerveCranial nerve nucleusCranial nerves

Question 6: lower down in the pons: vestibulocochlear nuclei (vestibular nuclei and ________) (VIII)
Cochlear nucleiCranial nerve nucleusAbducens nucleusFacial motor nucleus

Question 7: It is cranial to (up from) the medulla oblongata, ________ to (down from) the midbrain, and ventral to (in front of) the cerebellum.
DigestionAnatomyEarAnatomical terms of location

Question 8: Its white matter includes tracts that conduct signals from the ________ down to the cerebellum and medulla, and tracts that carry the sensory signals up into the thalamus.
Cingulate gyrusDentate gyrusCerebrumGrey matter

Question 9: mid-pons: The chief or pontine nucleus of the ________ sensory nucleus (V)
Maxillary nerveMandibular nerveTrigeminal nerveOtic ganglion

Question 10: Undiagnosed it can lead to death or ________.
Cauda equina syndromeVascular myelopathyBrown-Séquard syndromeLocked-in syndrome


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