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Question 1: ________ (Lietuvos saugumo policija)
Martin Weiss (Nazi official)Lithuanian Security PolicePonary massacreYpatingasis būrys

Question 2: After the annexation of Lithuania by the ________, in June 1940, the Soviets began constructing an oil storage facility near Ponary in conjunction with a military airfield.
RussiaJoseph StalinSoviet UnionEast Germany

Question 3: The executions at Paneriai, are currently a matter of an investigation by the Gdańsk branch of the Polish ________.
Lech WałęsaHistory of SolidarityInstitute of National RemembranceJedwabne pogrom

Question 4: Eighty inmates from the nearby ________ prisoners were formed into Leichenkommando ("corpse units").
Auschwitz concentration campAction T4EinsatzgruppenStutthof concentration camp

Question 5: Following the incorporation of the Republic of Central Lithuania into Poland, the town of Ponary became part of the Wilno Voivodship, (________ region).
KresyBelarusian partisansPolish areas annexed by Nazi GermanyCurzon Line

Question 6: Some 70,000 Jews were murdered in Ponary,[6] along with estimated 20,000 ________ and 8,000 Russians, many from nearby Vilnius.
Polish languagePolesPoloniaPoland

Question 7: [9] The pace of killings slowed in 1942, as slave workers were appropriated by ________.
Albert KesselringEastern Front (World War II)WehrmachtAdolf Hitler

Question 8: The executions took place between July 1941 and August 1944 near the railway station of Paneriai (Polish: Ponary), now a suburb of ________.

Question 9: [2][7] Among the first victims were approximately 7,500 Soviet POWs shot in 1941 soon after ________ begun.
Eastern Front (World War II)Operation BagrationOperation BarbarossaWorld War II

Question 10: Further mass killings, often aided by Lithuanian volunteers,[9] from ________, took place throughout the summer and fall.
Martin Weiss (Nazi official)Lithuanian Security PolicePonary massacreYpatingasis būrys


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