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Pomaks: Quiz


Question 1: The general view is that they should be treated as a distinct ________.
United KingdomBosnia and HerzegovinaGermanyMinority group

Question 2: The bishop couldn't change their mind, because they were determined to cooperate with the Ottomans against the ________, which had caused them many troubles during the Bulgarian pricipality.
Bulgarian Orthodox ChurchBulgariansBulgarian literatureFirst Bulgarian Empire

Question 3: They are a minority religious group in the ________, although not all espouse a Macedonian national identity and are linguistically distinct from the larger Muslim ethnic groups in the Republic of Macedonia, Albanians and Turks.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSerbiaRepublic of MacedoniaCroatia

Question 4: They visited the ________ local administrator to announce their decision, but he sent them to the Greek bishop of Philippoupolis Gabriel (1636–1672).
Turkish peopleIstanbulTurkeyOttoman Empire

Question 5: At 16 August 1913, the revolution begun in Kosukavak (Krumovgrad nowadays), Mastanli (Momchilgrad nowadays) and ________.

Question 6: The efforts of Pomaks didn't have result because there had been already the Yalta Conference, where the three great powers of that era, shared the nations in ________[44].
BalkansWestern EuropeEuropeEastern Europe

Question 7: The ________, or Torbeš, are occasionally also referred to as Pomaks, especially in historical context[17][18][19][20].
Macedonian MuslimsMacedonians (ethnic group)Macedonian languageMacedonian diaspora

Question 8: Another view, especially popular among the Pomaks themselves,[51] is that they are descendants of Thraco-________ or pre-Islamic Arab migrants to the Balkans who were converted to Islam by Arab missionaries.
SerbsSlavic peoplesSlavic languagesSouth Slavs

Question 9: The DNA tree line of Pomaks suggests the hypothesis that Pomaks are descendants of ancient ________.
List of ancient tribes in IllyriaBastarnaeList of ancient tribes in Thrace and DaciaList of rulers of Thrace and Dacia

Question 10: In 1886 the Ottoman government accepted the Bulgarian rule over ________ and that was the end of the free Pomak state.
Eastern RumeliaOttoman EmpirePlovdivBulgarians


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