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Polytheism: Quiz


Question 1: And the soul which lives according to sense - for that is what Paris is - not seeing the other powers in the world but only beauty, declares that the apple belongs to ________.
ApolloGreek mythologyAphroditeAthena

Question 2: Soft Polytheism is prevalent in ________ and syncretic currents of Neopaganism, as are psychological interpretations of deities as archetypes of the human psyche.
New AgeReligionRelationship between religion and scienceSoul

Question 3: ________ may be contrasted with polytheism in that the former is a belief in the existence of only one god.

Question 4: Hellenistic religion may still be regarded as polytheistic, but with strong monistic components, and monotheism finally emerges out of Hellenistic traditions in Late Antiquity in the form of Neoplatonism and ________.
TrinityBiblical canonChristian theologyChristology

Question 5: The word is attested later than ________ but earlier than theism.
Relationship between religion and scienceDavid HumeNontheismAtheism

Question 6: Explicit polytheism in contemporary folk religion is found in ________ as well as African diasporic religions.
NigeriaYoruba peopleIgbo peopleAfrican traditional religion

Question 7: For example, in ________, Buddhism, mixed with Shinto, which worships deities called kami or kamigami (kami's plural form), created a tradition which prays to the deities of Shinto as a form of Buddha.
CambodiaCanadaJapanUnited Kingdom

Question 8: The ________ word "polytheism" is attested from the 17th century, loaned from French polythéisme, which had been in use since 1580.
English languageCanadaSouth AfricaAmerican English

Question 9: In certain religions, such as ________, the various deities are seen as emanations of a greater Godhead.
Triple Goddess (Neopaganism)Witch-cult hypothesisWiccaWiccaning

Question 10: Also, a large number of polytheist folk traditions are subsumed in contemporary Hinduism, although Hinduism is doctrinally dominated by monist or monotheist theology (Bhakti, ________).
VishishtadvaitaAdvaita VedantaAdi ShankaraVedanta


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