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Polysaccharide: Quiz


Question 1: Aldohexose (Allose, Altrose, ________, Mannose, Gulose, Idose, Galactose, Talose)

Question 2: ________ is a polysaccharide that is found in animals and is composed of a branched chain of glucose residues.

Question 3: Polysaccharides are polymeric ________ structures, formed of repeating units (either mono- or di-saccharides) joined together by glycosidic bonds.

Question 4: Capsular polysaccharides are water soluble, commonly acidic, and have ________ on the order of 100-1000 kDa.
Molecular massMolar massDeuteriumHydrogen

Question 5: ________ are glucose polymers in which glucopyranose units are bonded by alpha-linkages.

Question 6: Acidic polysaccharides are polysaccharides that contain ________, phosphate groups and/or sulfuric ester groups.
KetoneCarboxylic acidAlkaneAlcohol

Question 7: ________, rice, wheat, and maize are major sources of starch in the human diet.

Question 8: Chemically, chitin is closely related to ________ (a more water-soluble derivative of chitin).

Question 9: They may be ________ or even insoluble in water.
Glass transitionAmorphous solidGlassSolid

Question 10: Bacterial polysaccharides represent a diverse range of macromolecules that include peptidoglycan, ________, capsules and exopolysaccharides; compounds whose functions range from structural cell-wall components (e.g.
LipopolysaccharideLipid AEndotoxinSuperantigen

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