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Question 1: The term Universal Genius is also used, taking ________ as a prime example again.
Mona LisaLeonardo da VinciLeonardo da Vinci's personal lifeItalian Renaissance painting

Question 2: Despite the existence of this term, a polymath may not necessarily be classed as a ________; and certainly a genius may not display the breadth of knowledge to qualify as a polymath.
Intelligence quotientCreativityGeniusIntelligence

Question 3: In some ways, the gentlemanly requirements of Castiglione recall the Chinese sage, ________, who far earlier depicted the courtly behavior, piety and obligations of service required of a gentleman.
AristotleConfuciusGottfried LeibnizPlato

Question 4: A ________ or courtier of that era was expected to speak several languages, play a musical instrument, write poetry, and so on, thus fulfilling the Renaissance ideal.

Question 5: ________ and Marie Curie are examples of people widely viewed as geniuses, but who are not generally considered to be polymaths.
Relationship between religion and scienceScientific methodIsaac NewtonAlbert Einstein

Question 6: At this time Universities did not specialise in specific areas, but rather trained their students in a broad array of science, ________ and theology.
AristotlePhilosophyPolitical philosophyDavid Hume

Question 7: A polymath (Greek polymathēs, πολυμαθής, "having learned much")[1] is a person, with superior ________, whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas.
BehaviorismIntelligenceCognitionArtificial intelligence

Question 8: During the Renaissance, ________, in his The Book of the Courtier, wrote a guide on becoming a polymath.
RomeItalyRaphaelBaldassare Castiglione

Question 9: Many ________ of word origins list these words as synonyms or, as words with very similar meanings.
DictionaryWordNetBilingual dictionaryLexicography

Question 10: The term can also be used loosely in other ways, for example, Rolf Harris (whose fame has come as a popular artist, television presenter and singer) has also been described by the ________ as "the People's Polymath".
The Mail on SundayMetro (Associated Metro Limited)Daily MailPaul Dacre


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