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Polyhedron: Quiz


Question 1: Uniform polyhedra are vertex-transitive and every face is a ________.
OctagonHexagonPentagonRegular polygon

Question 2: 2 dimensions: A face is a ________ bounded by a circuit of edges, and usually including the flat (plane) region inside the boundary.
PolytopePolygonPolyhedronRegular polytope

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Polyhedron have?
Convex polyhedron
Space-filling polyhedron
Self-dual polyhedron

Question 4: O - chiral ________;the rotation group of the cube and octahedron; order 24.
Prism (geometry)CuboctahedronTruncated cuboctahedronOctahedral symmetry

Question 5: The ________ give rise to regular graphs: 7 of the Archimedean solids are of degree 3, 4 of degree 4, and the remaining 2 are chiral pairs of degree 5.
Uniform polyhedronArchimedean solidRhombicosidodecahedronPolyhedron

Question 6: An abstract polyhedron is a ________ (poset) of elements whose partial ordering obeys certain rules.
Order theoryPartially ordered setBinary relationTotal order

Question 7: In 1966, he published a list of 92 convex solids, now known as the ________, and gave them their names and numbers.
PolyhedronIcosahedronBicupola (geometry)Johnson solid

Question 8: ________ (a notation for describing construction of polyhedra)
DodecahedronOctahedronConway polyhedron notationIcosahedron

Question 9: ________ realised that star polygons could be used to build star polyhedra, which have non-convex regular polygons, typically pentagrams as faces.
Scientific revolutionIsaac NewtonJohannes KeplerGalileo Galilei

Question 10: The ________ gives rise to a strongly regular graph, because adjacent vertices always have two common neighbors, and non-adjacent vertices have four.


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