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Polygar War: Quiz


Question 1: They also received clandestine training from the French in ________ areas.

Question 2: The confederacy of the new forces consisted of Marudhu Pandian Brothers of ________, Gopal Nayak of Dindigul, Kerala Verma of Malabar and Krishnappa Nayak and Dhoondaji of Mysore.

Question 3: The British had better artillery compared to the ________ troops who had country-made gunfire artillery, barring a few proper ones received from erstwhile Tipu Sultan's army.
Kongu NaduTamil NaduCoimbatorePalaiyakkarar

Question 4: The war often classified as ________ in nature made the British troops difficult to suppress.
Guerrilla warfareMilitary historyAncient warfareSiege

Question 5: Under the terms of the Carnatic Treaty (31 July, 1801), the British assumed direct control over ________.
Tamil NaduVelloreMadras PresidencyChennai

Question 6: The rebellion broke out when a band of Polygar armies bombed the British barracks in ________ in 1800.
Tamil NaduChennaiCoimbatoreErode

Question 7: The Polygar forces based at Panchalankurichi were crushed and by the orders of the colonial government, the site of the captured Panchalankurichi Fort was ploughed up and sowed with salt and ________ so that it should never again be inhabited.
Castor oilOlive oilPalm oilLinseed oil

Question 8: The war between the British and ________ Nayak of Panchalankurichi Palayam in the then Tirunelveli region is often classified as the First Polygar war.
Indian National ArmyRoyal Indian Navy MutinyVeerapandiya KattabommanIndian independence movement

Question 9: The Second Polygar War brought together the Kongu Chieftain ________ who commanded a vast army.
Kongu VellalarKongu NaduPalaiyakkararDheeran Chinnamalai

Question 10: Three thousand armed men of ________ and Ramanathapuram dispatched by Marudu Pandiyan Brothers joined up with the Panchalankurichi forces.
MaduraiChennaiTamil NaduVellore


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