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Question 1: (See "Forms of Polygamy" below.) In contrast, ________ is a marriage consisting of only two parties.

Question 2:
Where did Sukarno die?

Question 3: ________: Illegal according to the Icelandic Act on Marriage No.

Question 4: Increasingly harsh anti-polygamy legislation in the US led some Mormons to emigrate to ________ and Mexico.
United StatesCanadaUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 5: Concerning ________, there was one example of polyandry in the ancient Hindu epic, Mahabharata, Draupadi marries the five Pandava brothers as a message to human society.

Question 6:

Question 7: In ________, polygamy was banned in October 1971.
PhilippinesHong KongMacauUnited States

Question 8: [42] In contrast, others may refer to this as '________', since it is a series of monogamous relationships.

Question 9: Israel: Illegal according to the Penal Code of ________.
GreeceArmeniaUnited StatesIsrael

Question 10:
Which of the following titles did Jacob Zuma have?
Jacob Zuma
Member for Parramatta
Jeolla Province

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