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Polonia: Quiz


Question 1: A large proportion of the Polish citizens who migrated in the early twentieth century were Polish Jews, and these also make up part of the ________.
Ashkenazi JewsSephardi JewsAntisemitismJewish diaspora

Question 2: Pittsburgh, ________, Detroit, Buffalo, Brooklyn, Milwaukee, Baltimore and New Britain, Connecticut also have very large Polish populations.
Greater ClevelandColumbus, OhioAkron, OhioCleveland

Question 3: The majority of those who survived the war in the Ukraine moved to the ________ after Poland was shifted to the West by the Allied Potsdam Agreement after World War II.
OderFormer eastern territories of GermanySzczecinRecovered Territories

Question 4: After World War II, around 1,500 Poles and 1,900 Polish Jew, mostly former soldiers, settled in Chile and in ________ the Association of Poles in Chile was founded[19].

Question 5: See the Latvia section in this article and the ________ article for details.
Preiļi DistrictPoles in LatviaKrāslava DistrictLiepāja District

Question 6: There are presently 396,000 Poles living in ________ (according to the official 1999 Census;[2] the estimates are higher according to various NGO organizations).
BelarusSerbiaAzerbaijanBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 7: Over three million Polish Jews were killed in the ________, and most of the survivors emigrated.
The HolocaustHolocaust (resources)AntisemitismResponsibility for the Holocaust

Question 8: In early 20th century, there were around 300 Poles in Chile, but considered ________.
GermansGermanyAustriaEthnic Germans

Question 9: Polish minority in ________ is a new phenomenon, though the number of Poles living there rises yearly.

Question 10: The majority of Poles live in the western regions of Belarus (including 294,000 in ________ region).


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