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Pollination syndrome: Quiz


Question 1: Bee pollination from mobile beehives is of great economic value for orchards such as apple or ________.
Olive oilButterAlmondSoybean

Question 2: Pollination syndromes are excellent examples of ________.
Parallel evolutionCountershadingBirdConvergent evolution

Question 3: [15] In the New World, bat pollinated flowers often have ________-scented compounds, but this does not carry to other parts of the world.

Question 4: Pollination syndromes reflect ________ towards forms (phenotypes) that limit the number of species of pollinators visiting the plant.
BirdParallel evolutionConvergent evolutionCountershading

Question 5: Although pollinator constancy was recognized by ________, the benefits to animals are not yet fully understood.
AristotleEmpiricismBertrand RussellPlato

Question 6: [18] Beetles may be particularly important in some parts of the world such as semi-arid areas of southern Africa and southern California[19] and the montane grasslands of ________ in South Africa.

Question 7: They can be open and bowl-shaped (radially symmetrical) or more complex and non-radially symmetric ("zygomorphic") such as many peas, ________, etc.
Digitalis purpureaDigitalisDigoxinAtrial fibrillation

Question 8: ________-pollinated flowers tend to be large and showy, white or light coloured, open at night and have strong odours.
PrimateEven-toed ungulateMammalBat

Question 9: Other moths (Noctuids, ________, Pyralids, for example) fly slowly and settle on the flower.
LepidopteraSkipper (butterfly)SaturniidaeGeometer moth

Question 10: Flies tend to be important pollinators in high-________ and high-latitude systems, where they are numerous and other insect groups may be lacking.
Atmospheric pressureAltimeterSea levelAltitude


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