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Poll tax: Quiz


Question 1: Churchmen were exempt, as were the poor, workers in the Royal Mint, inhabitants of the Cinque Ports, tin workers in Cornwall and Devon, and those who lived in the Palatinate counties of ________ and Durham.
MerseysideGreater ManchesterLancashireCheshire

Question 2: The most serious was in a protest at ________, London, on 31 March 1990, of more than 200,000 protesters.
EnglandTrafalgar SquareUnited KingdomNational Gallery (London)

Question 3: A poll tax (in the sense of capitation) plays a significant role in the history of taxation in the United States and the adoption of ________ as a significant source of government funding.
Tax havenIncome taxProgressive taxPayroll tax

Question 4: poo==Sharia== ________ is a poll tax imposed under Sharia.

Question 5: Some placards in support of this were observed at the ________ held throughout the country on 15 April 2009.
Subprime mortgage crisisRegulatory responses to the subprime crisisTea Party protestsUnited States housing market correction

Question 6: On 22 June 2006, the ________ Stephen Harper delivered a message of redress for a head tax once applied to Chinese immigrants.
Prime Minister of CanadaMonarchy of CanadaGovernor General of CanadaParliament of Canada

Question 7: This played a role in provoking the ________ in 1381, due in part to attempts to restore feudal conditions in rural areas.
Greater LondonWestminster AbbeyLondonPeasants' Revolt

Question 8: Her replacement, John Major, replaced the Community Charge with the ________, similar to the rating system that preceded the Poll Tax.
Land value taxRussian Tax CodeFree bankingCouncil Tax

Question 9: These laws achieved the desired effect of disfranchising ________ and Native American voters as well as poor whites who immigrated after the year specified.
Great Migration (African American)African AmericanAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)African American culture

Question 10: Enforcement measures became increasingly draconian, and unrest grew and culminated in a number of ________.
Anti-Poll Tax UnionsPoplar Rates RebellionPoll Tax RiotsAll Britain Anti-Poll Tax Federation


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