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Politics of the Republic of Ireland: Quiz


Question 1: While there are a number of political parties in the state, the political landscape is dominated by Fianna Fáil and ________, historically opposed and competing entities, though both occupy the traditional centre ground.
Irish general election, 2007Dublin North West (Dáil Éireann constituency)Fine GaelIrish general election, 2002

Question 2: Dáil Éireann: Members of the Dáil are directly elected at least once in every five years under the ________ form of proportional representation from multi-seat constituencies.
Single transferable voteInstant-runoff votingVoting systemPlurality voting system

Question 3: Today, it is a ________ (though a previous leader, Garret Fitzgerald has claimed it for social democracy), economically liberal party along European lines, with a strongly pro-European outlook.
European People's PartyChristian democracyKonrad AdenauerCentrist Democrat International

Question 4: The creation of Northern Ireland led to conflict between northern nationalists (mostly Roman Catholic) who seek unification with the Republic and Unionists (mostly ________) who wish for Northern Ireland to remain within the United Kingdom.
BaptistChristianityChristian denominationProtestantism

Question 5: The President may not veto bills passed by the Oireachtas, but may refer them to the ________ for a ruling on whether they comply with the constitution.
Supreme Court of the United KingdomFederal Constitutional Court of GermanySupreme Court of IrelandSupreme Court of Sweden

Question 6: It has its origins in the pro-treaty movement of Michael Collins in the ________.
Anglo-Irish TreatyIrish Civil WarÉamon de ValeraMichael Collins (Irish leader)

Question 7: In the 1920s and 1930s it flirted with ________ and had its own uniformed militia.
FascismTotalitarianismItalian FascismNazism

Question 8: A number of political parties are represented in the Dáil and ________ are common.
Coalition governmentPolitical partyParliamentary systemPresidential system

Question 9: They are directly elected by secret ballot under the ________.
Voting systemBorda countInstant-runoff votingPlurality voting system

Question 10: Important constitutional referendums have concerned issues such as abortion, the status of the Catholic Church, divorce, and the ________.
European ParliamentDenmarkEuropean UnionGermany

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