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Question 1:
  • ________
    Arthur MeighenJohn DiefenbakerKim CampbellList of Canadian Senate appointments by Prime Minister

Question 2: Although members of governing bodies are often ________, many people today have a poor opinion of politicians as a class.

Question 3: A politician or political leader (from Greek "________") is an individual who is involved in influencing public decision making.
GreeceAncient GreecePolisAthens

Question 4: Some law enforcement officers, such as sheriffs, and many ________ who are elected or appointed because of their political views or popularity.
RabbiDoctor (title)JudgeProfessor

Question 5: Many suggest the basic problem of stopping ________ violations and political negligence stems from the lack of understanding by media and politicians of the laws of fiduciary control.
Human rightsCultureReproductive rightsTorture

Question 6: Politics is not limited to ________ through public office.

Question 7: Members of the judicial branch, law enforcement, and the ________ are not usually regarded as being politicians since they are generally executing or adjudicating established law and custom.
MilitaryMilitary scienceWarMilitary history

Question 8: In a state, a member of the executive branch of government, or the office of ________, as well as the legislative branch, and regional and local levels of government.
MonarchyMonarchHead of stateUnited Kingdom

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