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Political spectrum: Quiz


Question 1: Thirdly, the theory which Eysenck developed to explain individual variation in the observed dimensions, relating tough-mindedness to ________ and Psychoticism, returned ambiguous research results.
WashingtonFloridaExtraversion and introversionAlaska

Question 2: Later studies using samples of American ________[14] and American presidential inaugural addresses[15] were consistent with this model.
IdeologyJürgen HabermasPoliticsSociology

Question 3: This axis is often considered perpendicular to the left-right axis in popular multi-axis charts (often rendered "________" vs.
Right-wing politicsFascismPopulismConservatism

Question 4: This puts left-wingers in the left quadrant, libertarians in the top, right-wingers in the right, and ________ (whom Nolan originally named populists) in the bottom.

Question 5: the view held in ________ that "Civilization originates in conquest abroad and repression at home."[21]
Green anarchismAnarcho-primitivismIndividualist anarchismJohn Zerzan

Question 6: Relations with individual states or groups of states may also be vital to ________.
Parliamentary systemCoalition governmentPolitical partyIdeology

Question 7: Central to Eysenck's thesis was the claim that tender-minded ideologies were democratic and friendly to human freedoms, while tough-minded ideologies were ________ and authoritarian.
Major urinary proteinsEstradiolAggressionTestosterone

Question 8: This very distinct two-axis model was created by ________.
Robert A. HeinleinS. M. StirlingJerry PournelleLarry Niven

Question 9: A 2003 study in the UK yielded two significant ________ (that is, groups of questions that tend to be answered consistently), one less well-constrained than the other.
Vector spaceMatrix (mathematics)Eigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceLinear algebra

Question 10: Eysenck refined his methodology to include more ________ on economic issues.
German languageInterrogative moodQuestionInflection

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