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Political geography: Quiz


Question 1: The relationship between states and former colonies, and how these are propagated over time, for example through ________
DecolonizationAfrican UnionNeocolonialismNon-Aligned Movement

Question 2: Feminist geography, which argues for a recognition of the power relations as patriarchal and attempts to theorise alternative conceptions of identity and ________.
Combahee River CollectiveIdentity politicsFeminismBlack feminism

Question 3: As with much of the move towards 'Critical geographies', the arguments have drawn largely from postmodern, poststructural and ________ theories.
PostcolonialismFeminist literary criticismDeconstructionLiterary theory

Question 4: Both of these writers created the idea of a political and geographical ________, with an objective view of the world.
Social sciencesPseudoscienceScienceScientific method

Question 5: This theory involved concepts diametrically opposed to the ideas of ________ about the significance of sea power in world conflict.
Theodore RooseveltCharles A. BeardAlfred Thayer MahanSamuel Eliot Morison

Question 6: Conventionally political geography adopts a three scale structure for the purposes of analysis with the study of the state at the centre, above this is the study of international relations (or ________), and below it is the study of localities.
Karl HaushoferGeostrategyGeopoliticsGeopolitik

Question 7: The origins of political geography lie in the origins of human geography itself and the early practitioners were concerned mainly with the ________ and political consequences of the relationships between physical geography, state territories, and state power.
Military historyWarMilitaryMilitary science

Question 8: Political geography is the field of ________ that is concerned with the study of both the spatially uneven outcomes of political processes and the ways in which political processes are themselves affected by spatial structures.
Environmental determinismHuman geographySocial sciencesGeographic information system

Question 9: At the same time, Ratzel was creating a theory of states based around the concepts of Lebensraum and ________.
Social DarwinismCharles Darwin's religious viewsDarwin–Wedgwood familyCharles Darwin

Question 10: In particular there was a close association with regional geography, with its focus on the unique characteristics of regions, and ________ with its emphasis on the influence of the physical environment on human activities.
Human geographyCartographyPhysical geographyEnvironmental determinism


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