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Political divisions of the United States: Quiz


Question 1: At the Declaration of Independence, the United States consisted of 13 states, former colonies of the ________.
EnglandCanadaUnited KingdomWales

Question 2: The question of human rights/civil rights (________, etc.) in such communities has not yet been conclusively determined, and varies from state to state.
Freedom of religionFreedom of thoughtFreedom of speechFreedom of information

Question 3: the archipelago of ________, in the central Pacific Ocean.
HawaiiFloridaUnited StatesAlaska

Question 4: The primary political unit of the ________ after the federal union is the state.
CanadaPhilippinesAlaskaUnited States

Question 5: ________ are given quasi-autonomous status.
Indian reserveRancherĂ­aIndian reservationCity

Question 6: The only remaining exception is ________, the United States's only incorporated territory; it is unorganized and uninhabited.
HawaiiWake IslandAmerican SamoaPalmyra Atoll

Question 7: This has been violated only once, when a rump legislature formed the State of West Virginia, seceding from Virginia, which itself had seceded from the United States in the months preceding the ________.
Bleeding KansasTennesseeAmerican Civil WarUnion (American Civil War)

Question 8: law, Indian tribes are ________, meaning that their legal authority to exist derives independently of the state and federal governments.
RepublicState (polity)SovereigntyDemocracy

Question 9: The third tier commonly found in many states, especially the Midwest, is the ________, which is an administrative division of a county.

Question 10: In essence, the city as municipal corporation is the modern form of the ancient city-state, a sovereign entity that exists today only in the forms of ________, San Marino, Singapore, and the Vatican City.
AndorraSpainUnited KingdomMonaco


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