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Question 1: Further conventions were adopted at regional level under the aegis of the Organization of American States (OAS or OEA), the ________, and in 2003, at the universal level under that of the United Nations.
East African FederationAfrican Economic CommunityAfrican UnionPan-African Parliament

Question 2:

Question 3:
What state is William M. Tweed associated with?

Question 4: Costly ________, with expenses exceeding normal sources of political funding, especially when funded with taxpayer money.
Political campaignNegative campaigningIndependent expenditureOpposition research

Question 5: Weak ________ practices, including lack of timely financial management.
Sarbanes–Oxley ActBalance sheetProto-ElamiteAccountancy

Question 6:
What is the nationality of Augusto Pinochet?
Soviet / Russian

Question 7: An unholy alliance is a coalition among seemingly antagonistic groups, especially if one is ________,[7] for ad hoc or hidden gain.
SoulReligionAtheismRelationship between religion and science

Question 8:
When is Ngo Dinh Diem's birthday?

Question 9: The United States accused ________'s government in Panama of being a "narcokleptocracy", a corrupt government profiting on illegal drug trade.
Manuel NoriegaRicardo MartinelliDaniel Chanis PinzónOmar Torrijos

Question 10: If the highest echelons of the governments also take advantage from corruption or embezzlement from the state's treasury, it is sometimes referred with the ________ kleptocracy.
Nonce wordEuphemismNeologismAcronym and initialism

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