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Question 1: In 1943, the company-level political commissar was eliminated, yet restored after the ________.
Eastern Front (World War II)The HolocaustWorld War IIOperation Barbarossa

Question 2: In the Red Army historical periods when political officers were militarily sub-ordinate to unit commanders, the political commissar institution did not exist in the ________.
Eastern Front (World War II)Red ArmyRussiaSoviet Armed Forces

Question 3: Historically, the commissaire politique (political commissary) first appeared in the ________ (1789–99), guarding it against anti-Revolutionary (ideological) thought and action, and so ensuring the Republican victory.
National Constituent AssemblyFrench RevolutionNational ConventionFrench Directory

Question 4: In the event, after the ________, the political commissar remained in the Red Army until 1942.
Russian Civil WarVladimir LeninOctober RevolutionRussian Provisional Government

Question 5: The political commissar (also politruk, Russ: political officer), is the supervisory political officer responsible for the political education (________) and organisation, and loyalty to the government of the military.
PoliticsJürgen HabermasIdeologySociology

Question 6: In the ________ and the Soviet Army, the political commissar existed only during the 1918–28, 1937-40, and 1941-42 periods; not every Red Army political officer was a commissar.
Soviet Armed ForcesRussiaEastern Front (World War II)Red Army


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