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Question 1: To counter this threat the German authorities formed a special 1,000 men strong anti-partisan unit of combined ________-Wehrmacht forces, including a Panzer group.
SchutzstaffelAdolf HitlerWaffen-SSNazi Party

Question 2: On May 5, 1945 in ________ Narodowe Siły Zbrojne brigade liberated prisoners from a Nazi concentration camp in Holiszowo, including 280 Jewish women prisoners.
BohemiaMoraviaCzech RepublicPrague

Question 3: It was the biggest battle in the history of the ________ organization - National Military Alliance (NZW).
Armia KrajowaOperation TempestCursed soldiersŁukasz Ciepliński

Question 4: From March 1941, Witold Pilecki's reports were forwarded to the ________ and through it, to the British and other Allied governments.
Armia KrajowaTadeusz Bór-KomorowskiPolish contribution to World War IIPolish government-in-exile

Question 5: In 1943 in London Jan Karski met the then much known journalist ________.
Sami al-HajjJawed AhmadArthur KoestlerWinston Churchill

Question 6: After the fall of France Poles who were not involved in the regular ________ and combatants who not escaped to Britain created Polish resistance who acted in France.
Władysław SikorskiPolish Armed Forces in the WestPolish Army in France (1939–1940)10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade (Poland)

Question 7: [24] The Red Army entered the city on July 15, and the ________ started to intern all Polish soldiers.
Eastern Bloc politicsChekaKGBNKVD

Question 8: Karski also presented his report to media, bishops of various denominations, members of the ________ film industry and artists, but without success.
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaWestern United StatesUnited StatesNew England

Question 9: ________
Polish CorridorRecovered TerritoriesSilesian UprisingsPolish areas annexed by Nazi Germany

Question 10: Several Polish actors were also arrested by the Nazis and sent to ________, among them such notable figures as directors Stefan Jaracz and Leon Schiller.
Action T4Operation ReinhardTreblinka extermination campAuschwitz concentration camp

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