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Question 1: ________
Polish resistance movement in World War IIThe HolocaustWarsaw UprisingResistance during World War II

Question 2: [1] The limited research devoted to the subject was done mainly by Polish emigree historians living in the West, e.g., ________.
Jan KarskiArmia KrajowaSzmul ZygielbojmThe Holocaust

Question 3: The plan promised ________, nationalisation of the industrial base, demands for territorial compensation from Germany, and re-establishment of the country's pre-1939 eastern border.
Land reformSyriaDecolonizationUnited States

Question 4: As early as 1940, the Underground State's civilian arm was actively supporting underground education;[15] it then set out to develop social security, information (________) and justice networks.
DisinformationAd hominemPropagandaIndoctrination

Question 5: [17][18][19] Meanwhile, the military arm of the Underground State expanded dramatically, and the ZWZ was transformed into ________ (AK, or the Home Army) in 1942.
Witold PileckiWarsaw UprisingOperation TempestArmia Krajowa

Question 6: The government in exile, based in ________, with the President of Poland and the Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Army was the top military and civilian authority, recognized by the authorities of the underground state as their commanders.

Question 7: The main role of the civilian branch of the underground state was to preserve the continuity of the Polish state as a whole, including its ________.
Systems theoryInstitutionSociologySocial stratification

Question 8: The Underground State represented most, though not all, political factions of the ________.
Władysław SikorskiJózef PiłsudskiSecond Polish RepublicPoland

Question 9: ________
Operation TempestLwów UprisingPolish contribution to World War IIWarsaw Uprising

Question 10: During the ________ era, research on the Underground State was curtailed by Polish communist officials, who emphasized the role that communist partisans played in the anti-Nazi resistance.
Joseph StalinVietnam WarCentral Intelligence AgencyCold War


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