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Question 1: [47] The Salk vaccine, or inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV), is based on poliovirus grown in a type of monkey kidney tissue culture (Vero cell line), which is chemically inactivated with ________.

Question 2: The first candidate polio vaccine, based on one serotype of a live but weakened (attenuated) virus, was developed by the virologist ________.
Hilary KoprowskiParisAIDS origins opposed to scientific consensusRome

Question 3: Bulbar polio leads to weakness of muscles innervated by ________.
Head and neck anatomyCranial nervesTrigeminal nerveCranial nerve nucleus

Question 4: [3] Its structure is very simple, composed of a single (+) sense ________ genome enclosed in a protein shell called a capsid.
DNARNASmall interfering RNANon-coding RNA

Question 5: Rarely, this may progress and the virus may invade the central nervous system, provoking a local ________.
Leukocyte extravasationVasculitisInflammationMeningitis

Question 6: This group of RNA viruses prefers to inhabit the ________.
PeritonitisHuman gastrointestinal tractColorectal cancerAscending cholangitis

Question 7: A global effort to eradicate polio began in 1988, led by the World Health Organization, ________, and The Rotary Foundation.
United Nations Industrial Development OrganizationJoint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDSUNICEFUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Question 8: Due to the effect on swallowing, secretions of ________ may build up in the airway causing suffocation.
Respiratory systemInfluenzaMucusLung

Question 9: Other historical treatments for polio include ________, electrotherapy, massage and passive motion exercises, and surgical treatments such as tendon lengthening and nerve grafting.
HydrotherapyWater cure (therapy)SpaCaptain R. T. Claridge

Question 10: ________ and shock are also possible, and may be fatal.
PneumoniaHemothoraxPulmonary edemaHydrothorax

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