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Polarization density: Quiz


Question 1: In an ________ material, the polarization and the field are not necessarily in the same direction.

Question 2: This reflects the fact that the dipoles in the material cannot respond instantaneously to the applied field, and ________ considerations lead to the Kramers–Kronig relations.
Immanuel KantCausalityAristotleDeterminism

Question 3: If the polarization P is not linearly proportional to the electric field E, the medium is termed nonlinear and is described by the field of ________.
Refractive indexLithium niobateKerr effectNonlinear optics

Question 4: where ε0 is the ________, and κe, is the electric susceptibility tensor of the medium.
Vacuum permeabilityFree spaceMaxwell's equationsVacuum permittivity

Question 5: In ________, the polarization density (or electric polarization, or simply polarization) is the vector field that expresses the density of permanent or induced electric dipole moments in a dielectric material.
Electromagnetic radiationMaxwell's equationsLiénard–Wiechert potentialClassical electromagnetism

Question 6: To a good approximation (for sufficiently weak fields, assuming no permanent dipole moments are present), P is usually given by a ________ in E whose coefficients are the nonlinear susceptibilities:
Series (mathematics)Trigonometric functionsTaylor seriesTaylor's theorem

Question 7: In ________ materials, there is no one-to-one correspondence between P and E at all because of hysteresis.
Polarization densityPiezoelectricityFerroelectricityDielectric

Question 8: The behavior of electric fields (E and D), magnetic fields (B, H), charge density (ρ) and ________ (J) are described by Maxwell's equations.
Current densityElectrical resistanceCapacitanceElectric current

Question 9: The ________ unit of measure is coulombs per square metre.
Metric systemConversion of unitsSystems of measurementInternational System of Units

Question 10: Electric polarization corresponds to a rearrangement of the bound ________ in the material, which creates an additional charge density, known as the bound charge density ρb:


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