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Question 1: The Cartesian polarization decomposition is natural when dealing with reflection from surfaces, ________ materials, or synchrotron radiation.
Maxwell's equationsBirefringenceCrystal opticsPolarization (waves)

Question 2: Several visual artists have worked with polarized light and ________ materials to create colorful, sometimes changing images.
Polarization (waves)Crystal opticsMaxwell's equationsBirefringence

Question 3: Sky polarization has been exploited in the "sky compass", which was used in the 1950s when navigating near the poles of the Earth's magnetic field when neither the sun nor ________ were visible (e.g.
SupernovaStellar classificationStarBinary star

Question 4: The naked ________ is weakly sensitive to polarization, without the need for intervening filters.
Sensory systemHuman eyeCiliary muscleSclera

Question 5: For example, this is the case with macroscopic crystals of ________, which present the viewer with two offset, orthogonally polarized images of whatever is viewed through them.
CalciteAragoniteCalcium carbonateCarbon

Question 6: Here D is a ________ matrix such that ╬▒De gives the derivative of e with respect to z.
Trace (linear algebra)Matrix (mathematics)Vector spaceDeterminant

Question 7: A polarizing filter, such as a pair of polarizing ________, can be used to observe this effect by rotating the filter while looking through it at the reflection off of a distant horizontal surface.

Question 8: In addition to birefringence and dichroism in extended media, polarization effects describable using Jones matrices can also occur at (reflective) interface between two materials of different ________.
Dispersion (optics)Refractive indexMetamaterialOptics

Question 9: Electronically controlled birefringent devices are used in combination with polarizing filters as modulators in ________.
Glass transitionTransparency and translucencyGlassOptical fiber

Question 10: All four Stokes parameters can also be combined into the four-dimensional Stokes vector, which can be interpreted as four-vectors of ________.
Special relativityMinkowski spaceSpacetimeGeneral relativity


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