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Question 1: [6] In a piece, entitled "Two waves of immigration, Poles apart"[7] Coren reverted to a ________ 'Polack' to describe Polish immigrants who can "clear off".
List of ethnic slurs by ethnicityRepublic of IrelandList of ethnic slursWhite people

Question 2: It is an Anglicisation of the ________ word Polak (spelled without the "c"), which, in the Polish language, means a Polish male person (feminine being Polka).
OderCzech languageSilesian languagePolish language

Question 3: He went on to articulate his fringe revisionist views about ________ as well.
Auschwitz concentration campTreblinka extermination campThe Holocaust in PolandPolish Righteous among the Nations

Question 4: The only acceptable ________ alternative to the term "Polish person" (man, and woman) today is Pole (see also: Naming Poland in foreign languages).
CanadaEnglish languageAmerican EnglishSouth Africa

Question 5: Today, in the English-speaking world, the word "Polack" is considered an ________:
List of ethnic slurs by ethnicityRepublic of IrelandWhite peopleList of ethnic slurs

Question 6: For example, Shakespeare uses the term in his tragedy ________ to refer to the people inhabiting the land of Norway.
Hamlet (bibliographies)Hamlet on screenWilliam ShakespeareHamlet

Question 7: The noun Polack (pō'lŏk', -lāk') used in the ________ is a derogatory reference to a Pole or person of Polish descent[1].
English languageCanadaAmerican EnglishSouth Africa

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