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Question 1: For the homogeneous Poisson process, these inter-arrival times are ________ with parameter λ (mean 1/λ).
Normal distributionGamma distributionExponential distributionPoisson distribution

Question 2: The probability distribution of the waiting time until the next occurrence is an ________.
Poisson distributionGamma distributionExponential distributionNormal distribution

Question 3: Consequently, the waiting time until the first arrival T1 has an ________, and is thus memoryless.
Exponential distributionNormal distributionGamma distributionPoisson distribution

Question 4: Examples that are well-modeled as Poisson processes include the ________ of atoms, telephone calls arriving at a switchboard, page view requests to a website, and rainfall.
Nuclear fusionNuclear fissionGamma rayRadioactive decay

Question 5: The number of events between time a and time b is given as N(b) − N(a) and has a ________.
Gamma distributionNormal distributionGeneralized normal distributionPoisson distribution

Question 6: The Poisson process is a collection {N(t) : t ≥ 0} of ________, where N(t) is the number of events that have occurred up to time t (starting from time 0).
ProbabilityRandom variableProbability distributionVariance

Question 7: The Poisson process is a continuous-time process: its discrete-time counterpart is the ________.
Geometric distributionNegative binomial distributionBinomial distributionBernoulli process


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