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Question 1: Combined with the sea- and steering-induced rolling of the boat, this can build up a rolling ________ and lead to a broach or a death roll.
ResonatorResonanceQ factorMechanical resonance

Question 2: Another problem with running in modern high aspect rigs is the fact that having the sail set at right angles to the wind guarantees a stall, and the stalled out wing sheds 'bubbles' of ________.
TurbulenceReynolds numberDrag (physics)Fluid dynamics

Question 3: In the sport of yacht racing, the current ________ do not recognize a state in which a boat is on neither port nor starboard tack.
Dinghy racingWindsurfingInternational Regulations for Preventing Collisions at SeaRacing Rules of Sailing

Question 4: Downwind performance suffers, but that is overcome by the use of a low aspect ratio ________ for running.

Question 5: When running downwind for protracted periods, for example when ocean-crossing in steady ________, cruisers sometimes set twin poled-out jibs without a mainsail.
Tropical cyclonePrevailing windsTrade windLow-pressure area


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