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Question 1: At some point, Aristotle's original work was divided in two, each "book" written on a separate roll of ________.
PapyrusEgyptAncient EgyptOxyrhynchus Papyri

Question 2: ________ or "miscalculation" (understood in Romanticism as "tragic flaw")

Question 3: There are two different Arabic interpretations of Aristotle’s Poetics in commentaries by Abu Nasr al-Farabi and ________ (i.e., Abu al-Walid Ibn Rushd).
AverroesImmanuel KantRelationship between religion and scienceRené Descartes

Question 4: The Arabic version of Aristotle’s Poetics that influenced the ________ was translated from a Greek manuscript dating from before the year 700.
Late Middle AgesMiddle AgesHigh Middle AgesEarly Middle Ages

Question 5: ________'s Poetics (Greek: Περὶ ποιητικῆς, c.
EmpiricismBertrand RussellPlatoAristotle

Question 6: The Poetics—both the extant first book and the lost second book—figure prominently in Umberto Eco's novel ________.
William of BaskervilleThe Name of the Rose (film)William of OckhamThe Name of the Rose

Question 7: ________ or, variously, "purgation", "purification", "clarification"
PsychoanalysisCatharsisRational emotive behavior therapyPsychotherapy

Question 8: He examines its "first principles" and identifies its ________ and basic elements; his analysis of tragedy constitutes the core of the discussion.

Question 9: 335 BCE[1]) is the earliest-surviving work of dramatic theory and the first extant philosophical treatise to focus on ________.
Literary theoryNovelPoetryLiterary criticism


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