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Poeciliidae: Quiz


Question 1: Fishes in poeciliidae family are generally hardy fishes that can tolerate most beginner's mistake, especially the ________[3].
GuppyPoeciliaGreen swordtailSailfin molly

Question 2: They belong to the order Cyprinodontiformes, tooth-carps, and include well-known aquarium fish like the ________, molly, platy, and swordtail.
GuppyPoecilia wingeiSailfin mollyGreen swordtail

Question 3: The original distribution of the family was South eastern United States to North of Rio de la Plata Argentina, and central and southern ________, including Madagascar.
African UnionSub-Saharan AfricaAfricaScramble for Africa

Question 4: Poeciliidae is a family of fresh-water ________ which are live-bearing aquarium fish (they give birth to live young).
Pelagic fishFishFish anatomyForage fish


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