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Podiatry: Quiz


Question 1: He invented skin scrapers for this purpose and these were the original ________.

Question 2: He tried to establish the first association of practitioners in ________, although it would take another century to come to pass.
185419001941March 4

Question 3: In the prairie provinces, the standard has been based on the British model of ________.
PhysicianMedical schoolPodiatryMedicine

Question 4: Corns and calluses were described by ________ who recognised the need to physically reduce hard skin, followed by removal of the cause.
Ancient Greek medicineHippocratesAncient GreeceAristotle

Question 5: ________, too, has recently changed to the DPM level of training.
New FranceCanadaQuebecOntario

Question 6: Lewi was the first to suggest that the term "________" be changed to "podiatry", since the term "chiropody" was considered by some to be etymologically incorrect.
PhysicianMedical schoolMedicinePodiatry

Question 7: For instance, in some provinces like British Columbia and ________, the standards are the same Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) level as in the United States.

Question 8: [8] In other states, such as Western Australia and South Australia, podiatrists with ________'s in Podiatry, and extensive training in pharmacology are authorised to prescribe S4 poisons.
DoctorateAcademic degreeEngineer's degreeMaster's degree

Question 9: Podiatry is also practiced in other countries such as Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Malta, Cyprus, South Africa, ________ and New Zealand.

Question 10: In many non-English-speaking countries of ________, the title used instead of podiatrist may be "podologist[3]" or" "podolog" [4].
Western EuropeEuropeEastern EuropeBalkans

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