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Pocket PC: Quiz


Question 1: Be based on an ARM version 4 compatible CPU, ________ CPU, MIPS CPU or SH3 CPU.
Pentium DXScaleIntel CorporationItanium

Question 2: These devices ran Windows CE 2.0–2.11 and had an interface that was similar to the then-current desktop versions of Windows, such as ________.
Windows 2000Windows 98Windows MeWindows 95

Question 3: It is a hardware specification for a handheld-sized computer (Personal digital assistant) that runs the ________ 'Windows Mobile Classic' operating system.
MicrosoftMicrosoft WindowsInternet ExplorerMicrosoft Office

Question 4: Some of these devices also include ________ features.
Mobile phone4GUniversal Mobile Telecommunications SystemSmartphone

Question 5: Companies like O2, ________ and Orange are marketing Pocket PCs that have integrated mobile telephony (smartphones).
AT&T MobilityTelecom ItaliaSprint NextelT-Mobile

Question 6: One of the more popular high-end consumer-market Pocket PCs was the ________ Axim x51v, which was discontinued in 2007.
Apple Inc.DellIntel CorporationMicrosoft

Question 7: Before the Pocket PC brand was launched, there were other Windows-based machines of the same form factor made by HP, ________, and others called Palm-size PCs.
TomTomHeineken InternationalING GroupPhilips

Question 8: In Mid-________, Gateway Computers and JVC announced they would release Pocket PCs, but the projects were discontinued before a product was released.

Question 9: It may have the capability to run an alternative operating system like NetBSD, ________, Android or others.
SCO-Linux controversiesGNULinuxOpenSolaris

Question 10: A $100–$200 model was rumored to be released within ________ or early 2005, although the lowest price for a just-released Pocket PC never went under $300.

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