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PocketStation: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (Japanese version)
Mega Man 4Mega Man X5The Misadventures of Tron BonneMega Man X3

Question 2: Battery: 1 CR-2032 ________
Lithium-ion batteryNickel-metal hydride batteryLithium-ion polymer batteryLithium iron phosphate battery

Question 3: Other functions: ________ function and identification number.
Islamic calendarGregorian calendarCalendarJulian calendar

Question 4: Connecting to a PlayStation through a memory card slot, the PocketStation also functions as a PlayStation ________.
Universal Serial BusHard disk driveMemory cardUSB flash drive

Question 5: Sound: 1 miniature speaker (10-bit ________)
On-off keyingBipolar encodingNon-return-to-zeroPulse-code modulation

Question 6: ________: 5 input buttons, 1 reset button
SwitchElectronic componentCapacitorElectric motor

Question 7: ________[12]
All Japan Pro WrestlingHustle (professional wrestling)Japan Pro Wrestling AlliancePro Wrestling Noah

Question 8: Software for the PocketStation was typically distributed as extras for PlayStation games, included in the ________, enhancing the games with added features.
Optical disc driveCD-ROMOptical discCompact Disc

Question 9: ________ communication: Bi-directional (supports IrDA based and conventional remote control systems)
UltravioletInfraredX-rayElectromagnetic spectrum

Question 10: It was released exclusively in ________ on January 23, 1999.
JapanUnited KingdomCanadaCambodia

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