Plymouth: Quiz

Question 1:

Question 2: Plymouth Albion Rugby Football Club is a rugby union club that was founded in 1875 and are currently competing in the second tier of Professional English Rugby the ________.
RFU ChampionshipGuinness PremiershipAnglo-Welsh CupBritish and Irish Cup

Question 3:
Who played Litchfield the TV series Plymouth?
Brent David Fraser
Richard Hamilton
Dale Midkiff
Brent David Fraser

Question 4:

Question 5:
What type of government does Plymouth have?
Strong Mayor-Council
Board of Supervisors
with federal structure
City Council

Question 6: [15] According to legend, Drake insisted on completing his game of bowls on the Hoe before engaging the ________ in 1588.
Anglo-Spanish War (1585)English ArmadaSpanish ArmadaEngland

Question 7:
Who played Lowell the TV series Plymouth?
Jerry Hardin
Ron Vawter
Richard Hamilton
Dale Midkiff

Question 8:
Who played Gil Eaton the TV series Plymouth?
Brent David Fraser
Dale Midkiff
Richard Hamilton
Dale Midkiff

Question 9: [144] Plymouth has five fire stations located in Camel's Head, Crownhill, Greenbank, Plympton and Plymstock which is part of ________.
London Fire BrigadeCornwall Fire and Rescue ServiceDevon and Somerset Fire and Rescue ServiceAvon Fire & Rescue Service

Question 10: It monitors the effects of ocean acidity on ________ and shellfish and reports the results to the UK government.
ScleractiniaGorgonianCoral reefCoral

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