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Question 1: [30] The skeleton, where plutonium is absorbed by the bone surface, and the ________, where it collects and becomes concentrated, are at risk.
Immune systemPancreasLiverEndocrine system

Question 2: Most of the atmospheric and underwater nuclear testing was stopped by the Limited Test Ban Treaty in 1963 but ________ continued atmospheric nuclear bomb tests even in the 1980s.
ItalyFranceUnited KingdomCanada

Question 3:
Who played Direktor Arnold the movie Plutonium?
Bob Cunningham
Werner Rundshagen
Wolf Roth
Anton Diffring

Question 4:
What role did Werner Rundshagen play in the movie Plutonium?
Manfred Hartung
Direktor Arnold
Porfirio Perez

Question 5: Encasing the bomb's ________ in a tamper (an optional layer of dense material) decreases the amount of plutonium needed to reach critical mass by reflecting escaping neutrons back into the plutonium core.
Pit (nuclear weapon)Reliable Replacement WarheadW80 (nuclear warhead)Beryllium

Question 6: Other sources of plutonium in the environment are fallout from numerous above-ground nuclear tests (now banned) and several ________.
Nuclear fissionNuclear and radiation accidentsIonizing radiationRadiation poisoning

Question 7: Melting in an ________ can be used to produce small ingots of the metal without the need for a crucible.
IronCarbonElectric arc furnaceAluminium

Question 8: High amounts of ________, holmium and thallium also allows retaining some of the δ phase at room temperature.

Question 9:
What role did Wilfried Klaus play in the movie Plutonium?
Direktor Arnold
Porfirio Perez
Manfred Hartung

Question 10:
Who played Laborant the movie Plutonium?
Bob Cunningham
Werner Rundshagen
Wolf Roth
Klaus Dierig

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