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Question 1: Plutinos are the largest class of the ________ (i.e.
Resonant trans-Neptunian objectHaumea (dwarf planet)PlutoMakemake (dwarf planet)

Question 2: In astronomy, a plutino is a trans-Neptunian object in 2:3 mean motion resonance with ________.

Question 3: Plutinos form the inner part of the Kuiper belt and represent about a quarter of the known ________ (KBOs).
Scattered discKuiper beltTrans-Neptunian objectOort cloud

Question 4: Plutinos are named after ________, which follows an orbit trapped in the same resonance, with the Italian diminutive suffix -ino.
Haumea (dwarf planet)PlutoMakemake (dwarf planet)(55636) 2002 TX300


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