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Plutarch: Quiz


Question 1: The Suda, a medieval Greek encyclopedia, states that emperor ________ made Plutarch procurator of Illyria.
Marcus AureliusTrajanHadrianNerva

Question 2: In 1683, ________ began a life of Plutarch and oversaw a translation of the Lives by several hands and based on the original Greek.
CiceroJohn DrydenDemosthenesTheseus

Question 3: However, his duties as the senior of the two priests of ________ at the Oracle of Delphi (where he was responsible for interpreting the auguries of the Pythia) apparently occupied little of his time.
ApolloHeraGreek mythologyArtemis

Question 4:
When was Plutarch born?
c. 46

Question 5:
When is Plutarch's birthday?
ca. 125 AD
circa 1970
circa 1480
Circa 46 AD

Question 6:
What is the nationality of Plutarch?

Question 7: Plutarch's Life of Pyrrhus is a key text because it is the main historical account on Roman history for the period from 293 to 264 BC, for which neither Dionysius nor ________ have surviving texts.
Classical LatinRoman EmpireAncient RomeLivy

Question 8:
Where was Plutarch born?

Question 9: Interestingly, he hinted at a belief in ________ in that letter of consolation.

Question 10: For many years Plutarch served as one of the two priests at the temple of ________ at Delphi (the site of the famous Delphic Oracle) twenty miles from his home.
HeraArtemisGreek mythologyApollo


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