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Pluripotency: Quiz


Question 1: ________ represents an excellent example of pluripotency.
Interferon-gammaInterferon alfa-2bInterferon beta-1bPeginterferon alfa-2a

Question 2: However, alone they cannot develop into a fetal or adult animal because they lack the potential to contribute to extraembryonic tissue, such as the ________.
TesticleEndocrine systemPlacentaThyroid

Question 3: In ________ (B cells) it stimulates antibody class switching, and in Natural Killer (NK) cells this protein hormone stimulates maturation.
Adaptive immune systemB cellT helper cellPlasma cell

Question 4: For example, in immunology many ________ are pluripotent, in that each of these compounds can activate specific behavior in some cell types and inhibit other behavior in other cell types.

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