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Question 1: Famous rocker ________ was a plumber not an apprentice.
Bob DaisleyGeezer ButlerOzzy OsbourneBlack Sabbath

Question 2: The word plumber dates from the ________.
Roman RepublicByzantine EmpireRoman EmpireWestern Roman Empire

Question 3: Plumbing codes are strict, and need for quality plumbing work is high because of the ________ problems associated with poor water supply and sewage removal.
Sexual harassmentErgonomicsOccupational safety and healthUnemployment

Question 4: A plumber is a tradesperson who specialises in installing and maintaining systems used for potable (drinking) water, sewage, ________.

Question 5: In the ________ animated series, a secret group of alien hunters/intergalactic police which was in action years ago is called the Plumbers.
Ben 10: Alien ForceFoster's Home for Imaginary FriendsBen 10The Secret Saturdays

Question 6:
Plumbers in the ________ undertake the installation of domestic internal hot and cold water pipe work, sanitary fittings and related soil and waste pipe work systems.
CanadaEnglandWalesUnited Kingdom

Question 7: ________ later used lead for piping and for the main baths.
De architecturaVitruviusThermaeRoman technology

Question 8: [1] In Roman times, some roofs were made of lead, or plumbum in ________ (hence the periodic table of the elements symbol of 'Pb' for lead).
Roman EmpireOld LatinVulgar LatinLatin

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