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Question 1: Almost all species of birds ________ at least annually, usually after the breeding season, known as the pre-basic moult.
MoultingYorkshire TerrierHypoallergenic dog breedMiniature Schnauzer

Question 2: Many ducks have bright, colourful plumage, exhibiting strong ________ to attract the females.
Human physiologySexual differentiationPubertySexual dimorphism

Question 3: Plumage refers both to the layer of feathers that cover a ________ and the pattern, colour, and arrangement of those feathers.
EnantiornithesModern birdsBirdArchaeopteryx

Question 4: ________ involves loss of colour in all parts including the iris of the eyes, bills, skin, legs and feet.
Albinism in popular cultureAlbinismPhotophobiaMyopia

Question 5: Differences in plumage are used by ornithologists and ________ in order to distinguish between species and collect other species specific information.
BirdwatchingSeabirdParrotBird migration


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