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Question 1: It is used in petrology, mineralogy, ________, and other physical sciences to show the compositions of systems composed of three species.
Materials scienceMetallurgyMiningArchaeology

Question 2: Bland-Altman plot : In analytical chemistry and biostatistics this plot is a method of ________ plotting used in analysing the agreement between two different assays.
DataStatistical graphicsExperimentCorrelation and dependence

Question 3: Plots play an important role in statistics and ________.
Data analysisData visualizationROOTExploratory data analysis

Question 4: Overlaid on this box plot is a ________.
Gaussian functionKernel density estimationVarianceNormal distribution

Question 5: It graphically depicts the ratios of the three variables as positions in an equilateral ________.

Question 6: Nyquist plot : Plot is used in automatic control and signal processing for assessing the stability of a system with ________.
Positive feedbackCyberneticsFeedbackControl theory

Question 7: In ________, it is often called a de Finetti diagram.
EvolutionPopulation geneticsGenetic erosionNatural selection

Question 8: A plot is a graphical technique for presenting a data set drawn by hand or produced by a mechanical or electronic ________.
ComputerPlotterPrinter (computing)Computer-aided design

Question 9: Dot plot (statistics) : A dot chart or dot plot is a ________ chart consisting of group of data points plotted on a simple scale.
StatisticsMathematical statisticsRegression analysisProbability

Question 10: They are similar to box plots, except that they also show the probability density of the data at different values (in the simplest case this could be a ________).
MedianHistogramControl chartCorrelation and dependence


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